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3 Reasons To Choose An All-In-One Design & Build Company

3 Reasons To Choose An All-In-One Design & Build Company

When it comes to a significant building project, such as a new build property or extensive expansion, there are several ways to approach the task at hand. You could appoint a series of different consultants to carry out key tasks such as the initial planning, the architectural design, and the eventual construction. Each of those specialists will have different levels of expertise in different areas, and all will work independently, which can make for an overwhelming amount of project management for even the most seasoned of property developers.

A more streamlined and modern approach to a building project is to appoint an all-in-one design and build company to see your commission from the design phase right the way through to construction and completion. By providing a complete service under one roof, the process becomes more efficient. It also removes the need to find, shortlist, and appoint several different contractors to work in silo at each stage of the build.

Aside from assuring an easier, more efficient project, there are several other reasons to opt for an all-in-one company over an independent architect and builder.

1. It Saves You Time

A design and build company will cover all aspects of the design work and construction under one roof. The work starts with the in-house architect, who creates drawings and plans, before being transferred to the in-house designers and engineers, and finally, builders who will make your idea into a reality.

As you can see, many different cogs have to work together for a project to be completed smoothly. By having all these roles kept under one roof, it’s possible to overlap different design and build stages without the need for sign-off beforehand. This speeds up the time taken for the project to be completed by around 50%.

2. It Saves You Money

Bringing together architects and designers with builders and project managers also saves you money as all parties are aware of the budgets set out at the beginning. When compared to the traditional approach of hiring different companies to complete different parts of the build, none have a vested interest in keeping costs down in the stages that don’t concern them. By using a collaborative team, all members will work together cost-effectively.

What’s more, due to the team’s established working relationship, it is easier for the design and build teams to communicate and provide accurate costings of materials upfront. This means clients using design and build companies will have a fixed-price project, which is much easier to plan for.

3. You Get A Design-Focused Build

Aside from saving you time and money, an all-inclusive build is design-driven. The technicalities of the design will be looked at early on to check the feasibility of the project, and all teams will work together to produce an end result that perfectly captures your vision. As all builders and designers understand your initial ideas and the evolution of the project, to create a better and more design-focused end result.

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